Yes, Virginia, There Are Okies in Tuxedos

hog tux

First off, be advised that it was not easy for HOGS to get into that tuxedo at left OR to take a selfie while wearing it.

But it was all worth it.

Because I am now the proud owner of my first tuxedo.

Just like a grownup or something.

The return on investment is already awesome.

I had to go to a black tie event last week which meant I had to, again, spend a bomb renting a tux.

So I went to the nearby rental shop where I found a tux to rent for $125. But instead of renting I convinced them to SELL me the used tux and a red bow tie for $150.

Which means you are now speaking to a man who owns his own tuxedo and who, after shamelessly Facebooking said tuxedo photo, was called “erudite” by a friend I met in Waco 30 years ago.

(Note: this may be the only time in history when the words “Waco” and “erudite” have appeared in the same sentence.)

Best of all, finally, at age 57, I am prepared for when Junior wins a Grammy.

For an Okie Downunder, that’s all kinds of erudite.

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  1. Lillian L says:

    You look awesome. Very impressed.

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