What’s for Dinner, Okie Momma?

In the last week or two, Facebook has been making me hungry and nostalgic.  Again.

The “Do You Remember When” photos in particular have made my salivary glands get all gushy.

See these?

I think they were called Pyrex, but that’s not what was important.

What was HUGELY important, is what my Mom cooked in the big one.

I can’t tell you exactly what was in Mom’s specialty Mexican dish.

We called it “What Is It?” for a reason.

On a given night, What Is It might have included cheese, ground beef, onions, jalepenos, cheese, Doritos, Fritos, tortillas, cheese, picante sauce, elbow macaroni or spaghetti (the Mexican kind, ahem), potatoes, corn, beans, red beans, refried beans, son-of-beans, bacon, and possibly the kitchen sink.

Plus cheese.

All I know is that I was like a pig in slop when Mom served it.  Dude, it was awesome.

The other Facebook Nostalgia Photo that torqued up my taste buds this week was of a set of bowls like what’s below.



See that yellow bowl?

Every couple of weeks, Mom would make banana pudding in that “yella” bowl, (if you pronounce it correctly).

Even though our yella bowl was bigger than your head, there was never enough.

I had a hollow leg for nanner pudding — even more than for What Is It.

Tragically, as I hit adolescence, our family doctor hypothesized that I had become allergic to bananas because I had eaten my weight in banana pudding, and my body was rebelling.

Damn you immune system!

All of a sudden, if I ate even one slice of banana, my tongue would break out in red bumps and my whole froat would swell shut, which made eating Banana Pudding not as easy as you might think.

I was informed that, unless I wanted to die, I was forever banned from eating banana pudding.

I think that’s when I lost the will to live.

Thankfully, Mom quickly developed a new strategy.

She’d still make banana pudding in the bigger-than-your-head yella bowl for the rest of the family.

For her baby boy, she’d whip up a smaller bowl of banana-pudding-without-the-actual-bananas-but-topped-with-almost-a-whole-box-of-Vanilla-Wafers.

This way, I could look at the real thing and smell the real thing and eat almost-the-real-thing.

So I decided life was still worth living.

Funny how photos of a couple of pieces of kitchenware can trigger such strong memories in an Okie Boomer.

I can actually feel my froat swelling shut as I think about nanner pudding!

If I had a bowl in front of me right now, it would be damn the torpedoes.

I’d dunk my head right in the middle of that yella bowl and snork down the whole thing.

Now that would be the way to go!


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  1. Lillian L. says:

    First, bowls are corning ware, not pyrex–close but, no banana. HAR.

    I still have Mom’s big yella bowl, so when you’re ready to damn the torpedoes, come on over and I’ll fill it with nanna pudding.

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