Top Secret visit by Obama

President Obama made a top secret visit to hostile territory at the weekend, speaking with soldiers and government leaders, who were asked to pass through metal detectors before the meetings.

President Obama’s visit to heavily armed Dallas, a hub of Red State anti-government activity, was meant to counter criticism that he was “holed up” in Washington and that his strategy of appeasement with Texas had failed.

“I want to send a strong message that the partnership between the United States and Texas is going to continue. We have already seen progress with respect to security around the airport. There was only limited gunfire when we landed; most from hostiles and only an insignificant amount from within Air Force One,” the President said during his “on the ground update”.

Texas Gov Rick Perry, sneaking away from Tea Party events in 17 Texas cities, met briefly with President Obama at the heavily fortified Cowboys Stadium. White House officials described the meeting as “productive and mainly positive” with “go-forward nuances” balanced with “the realities of needing medical attention”.

Word leaked out that at least one cowboy boot was hurled at the President’s head, shattering a teleprompter. This could not be confirmed, but it was noted that Gov Perry was seen leaving the meeting “with one side taller than the other and a big smile on his face.”

After numerous holes in Air Force One were repaired, and a sticker saying “Secede One” was removed from the cockpit window, President Obama flew to the relative safety of Afghanistan.

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