Top 10 Spambot Comments To Har For

Spambots and interwebz tards daily bombard this blog, based on key word searches and mental illness. Some are funny. The Engrish in many is amazing. Filth was deleted, except the unseemly first word below.

1. Cum See Our Hot teenage Babes (which is a tease, a link, filth, a link, slutty, a link… for 1,000 words… Must be from Miley Cyrus.)

2. You shouldn’t have. If gratitude is the soul of nobles, you have made me a King. It’s exactly what I wanted. (A tennis shoe maker, what else?)

3. Finally, I established the understanding I was wanting out for. We have been carrying out assignments on this topic, and for 4 nights I protect getting web-sites that are intended to possess what I’m hunting for, only to become disappointed employing the are lacking of what I wished. I wish I could have located your site sooner! I had about 25% of what I utilised to get in have to have of and your internet site has that, plus the rest of what I crucial to finish my studying. We have now activated to this internet site proper here I like which you will notice authentic post subject material that you will be able to hardly discover elsewhere. A single excellent thing, you perhaps can get hold of nevertheless these types of information sites, ensure you go on! I can no a bit longer see the common media. It may be there a lot rubbish printed, I bear it no significantly extra rapidly. A certainly pleasant weblog and excellent write-up. I invest days inside the globe vast net learning blogs, about tons of numerous subjects. I have to initial of all give kudos to whoever set up your internet websites and 2nd of all to you for composing what i can only describe as an publish. I honestly imagine there’s a capacity to writing content or website blogposts that only several posses and frankly you might have it. The mixture of educational and fantastic content is unquestionably exceptionally hard to find utilizing the substantial volume of web site across the on the internet planet.Usually keep a very great give great outcomes! (Hemingway)

4. Wikileaks no dijo nada nuevo: EEUU esta cortejando a países de América Latina para aislar a Chávez. Nadie tuvo sospechas de ello?
(Ricky Martin?)

5. wow, awesome post, I was wondering how to cure acne naturally. and found your blog by bing, many userful stuff here, now i have got some idea. bookmarked and also signed up your rss. keep us updated. (From a single guy. We are sure.)

6. People flock to the films to see tales about Harry Potter and Narnia, escapist fantasies that take us away from our real world of austerity, cuts and with economic disaster on the horizon. In these tales, on our side we have wizards both powerful and brave. In real life, we look at our so-called leaders and despair. If we want there to be a Narnia to escape to, we must build it here. Ourselves. (Clearly a Sarah Palin fund-raising letter)

7. I’m pleased for this precious great page; this is the variety of topic that sustains me though out the day.We’ve constantly heard been just lately wanting near to with your web-site correct right after I observed about these from a near close friend and was delighted when I was inside a position to acquire it pursuing hunting out for some time. Being a eager blogger, I’m pleased to discover other folks taking project and including for the neighborhood. I just wanted to comment to demonstrate my being familiar with for the publish as it is particularly inviting, and lots of writers really do not get the credit score they should have. I’m beneficial I’ll be again yet again and can deliver a number of of my friends. (WTF? Really. WTF?)

8. helo , i read your blog , that a nice blog and useful. Good for everyone. best review for Hog Snort Tweets and volcano content. i going to visit to read and review your site. (SEO tips flogger in Thailand, or possibly from Volcano Illustrated)

9. I see red people. (Sunglasses flogger. Or mebbe Jimmy Buffet after a night in Margaritaville)

10. Good morning. Be gentle, I have a headache. (Carter Necklaces… You should go there. I love this one)


— With thanks for discuss pretty decent informations. Your internet is perfect, I am impressed by the information and facts that you have on this blog. It shows how nicely you comprehend this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will arrive back for a lot more. You, my companion, I identified just the specifics I by now explored all over the place and just couldn’t come across. What a perfect webpage. Similar to this web-site your ?nternet site is 1 of my new favorites.I similar to this information proven and it has provided me some sort of idea to have good results for some explanation, so preserve up the fantastic work! (Que?)

— i dont think there is anything wrong with it. my fiance doesnt get out of work till 10pm (second shift, ugh), and the only places in my town open that late are a 24 hour diner, and walmart. why should anyone give a damn if i roll into the diner for a late night cheeseburger in my pajamas? they are in good shape and its not like my ass is hanging out or anything, which is more than i can say for some of the girls wearing NORMAL pants i see. (Flogger of mens pajamas, and someone in need of long-term therapy)

— nice post. thanks. (From a “colon cleaner”. I swear.)

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Spambot Comments To Har For”

  1. kris says:

    Oh, wait!

    Here’s one from a discount watch merchant . . .

    “I looked various terrible events at friday in my friendship. I falled down such as emotional. Your thoughts and writing hit me up. Anymore I realize now there is nice details in the planet.”


    • hams says:


      If your spammer had mentioned Global Warming, I would have sworn it was Al Gore. Absolutely as fluent and lyrical as scriptwriting from “An Inconvenient Truth”. I am not worthy.


  2. kris says:

    Bill –

    Ummm . . . not entirely appropriate, but this is my recent favorite spam comment. From someone selling adult videos.

    “Jhayd and her boyfriend Manuel was shopping in Mall. Free wonderful charcoal pussy vids: It?s a 3 day sale on all boutiques as well as some goodies. They had been collectively for 8 survival months. Jhayd brought her boyfriend to ladies clothes. She bought some cutie shirts and some girl blingblings. Manuel holding Jhayd’s palm cannot stop imagining kissing her huge charcoal butt in UK.”

    It’s like poetry.

    I am all aswoon.


    • hams says:


      I have Spam Envy. Your spammers? Are carnal poets.

      … imagining kissing her huge charcoal butt in UK.

      Bravo. Bravo.

      True bodice rippers in Spamdom.

      But I did, in honest, struggle a bit with the male lead. He needed to be named Jubawdy or Kareem. Manuel? All I could think of was, “Que”, and then Basil Fawlty slapping him in the head. Sort of ruined the magic of the moment.

      But then? The kissing of the charcoal butt? The author saved it. A perfect 10. Man. If I could only write like that. Maybe I could get a girl like Jhayd. Sigh.


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