Toad Strangler Oklahoma Rain


I’ve lived in Singapore, and I don’t think monsoon rains come down as hard, or as sideways, as what poured down on me as a kid growing up on Nebraska Street.

When the skies opened up in Oklahoma, man, that was something to behold.

I remember water gushing out of the downspout so hard that it ripped up the grass and turned the yard into a mud bog.

The volume of water was so huge it would pour out over the sides of the gutter, and come down in absolute sheets.

If you ran underneath, it was like having a pitcher full of ice water poured right down your back.

After these Springtime cloudbursts, just about every street in Norman became a  lake.

Nebraska Street would overflow its curbs and, after a really bodacious toad-strangler, the water would lap up again the water meters that were way up in the front yards.

On those days, we’d put on our cut-offs and water-bike. It was like going in s-l-o-w motion as we struggled through the dirty water.

When Nebraska Street had drained, we snuck over to Flood Street (avoiding all Moms, because there’s no way they would have approved that).

The water was always at least to the top of your bike tire, and sometimes over your banana seat.

Riding there probably wasn’t the brightest thing we ever did, but it was so much fun.

If you built up a full head of steam and rode into Flood St., it felt like a giant had grabbed your bike and stopped it dead.

If you managed to stay on your bike, or if you flipped onto Flood St., and didn’t get run over, it was a total WIN.

To get all the incriminating mud off, before going home we’d get down on all fours and stick our heads into the wall of water that cars would kick up when they chugged by.

Way better than being hosed down by my Mom in the front yard!

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  1. Lillian L.. says:

    If Mother had known you were doing all these things, she’d have had a hissy fit and your hiney would have been paddled. Amazing that you lived thru it all.

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