Thy Blog Be Done

let go and let God

Many 12-step programs tell you to “Let Go and Let God”.

But, as my big sister often reminds me, even when we do so, we frequently freak out and claw stuff right back.

Case in point…

I recently took a deep breath, said some prayers, and moved the HOGS Blog to a cheaper New Zealand server and domain registrar.

I was advised this process would be simple and seamless.

What could possibly go wrong?

So, to prepare, I had this kind of conversation with the Lord.

Me: “Lord, after five years and almost 400 posts, HogsAteMySister has not made me rich or famous, as I thought we had planned, and the future is not looking so crash hot. I no longer have the energy to repurpose the content into Amazon ebooks, like my butthead writer friend in Oregon. Not that I begrudge her success, because she deserves it. She is amazing. The big, fat, talented cow. Sorry, Lord. Anyway, I decided to once again put this blog in Your hands. So, if during the change of hosting companies, you allow the blog to plummet into the internet abyss, I will take that as a sign that You think the blog sucks canal water, okay?


Me: On the other hand, Lord, if the transfer goes well, and there were to be a few positive signs like, say, bales of money falling from the sky, or maybe a few parades in front of my house, that could be seen as a sign of Your approval, to carry on, You know?


Me: “Okay, then.”

So I Let Go and Let God and Stepped Out in Faith and made the internet changes.

And the blog tumbled right into the Digital Abyss. If you Googled, all you got was — “page suspended”.

Since I had totally given the whole deal to God, I said, “Fine, Lord, Thy will be done.”

And I was totally at peace. Until I started tiger-clawing everything back. Calling and emailing and DM’ing hosting companies and various internet boffin

And reclarifying the situation with God.

Me: “Lord, just to be clear, if You REALLY REALLY REALLY want all my precious words, and the equity I have built up in this blog, over FIVE LONG YEARS, to just go POOF, Your will be done… But, having said that, Lord, I don’t think you meant for me to type in the WRONG street address for my domain name renewal which, come to find out, was a VERY BAD THING. And since You have no hands or feet (or laptops) on Earth, but mine, it only makes sense that I should use the skills you have given me in a last ditch effort to get out of the stupid Abyss of Internet Doom. But if I fail, and the HOGS blog is dead, Thy Will be done.


Me: Lord, I’m taking Your silence as an indication that I should try one more time.

And thus began the Period of Insane Clawing Back that reached right down the Internet into America, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and who knows where else?

Then I was exhausted and defeated. I accepted that HOGS was a goneburger.

But then the boffins called and said “give us 3-5 days.”

During this time of testing, I didn’t check the Internet at all, because I had agreed the blog was totally in the Lord’s court.

OK, maybe I checked once. Twice, tops. Because I am nothing if not a hypocrite.

And then, boom, HogsAteMySister came back to life.

I am not sure what that means. I do NOT see this as a Divine Seal of Blog Endorsement. It’s probably just another lesson in faith, e.g. “Stop with the clawing back, already.”

I am still too sick and tired to edit five years’ worth of content into Amazon e-books that might be salable to Okie Boomers, or Curmudgeons, or Crack Puppy owners.

So I will relax, have a think, and pray some more.

Me: BTW, Lord, sorry about the claw marks all over everything. But you know how I am…

God: 🙂

5 Responses to “Thy Blog Be Done”

  1. Eboy says:

    …sooo….where’s the new posts???

  2. Lillian L.. says:

    Think there at the end you started to “get it.”

  3. Kris says:


    Second … I’m so glad you’re here.


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