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La-Z-Boy — Recliner or Magical Tardis?

We are in the process of decluttering our house of 18 years, as we prepare for retirement. This blog is not about THAT. We are in no way prepared to get into THAT. But we are happy to write about the La-Z-Boy. Because, damn, ya’ll. A sister here in NZ asked us to store her […]


The West Wing, Red Wine and Mouse Trapping

It doesn’t get better than this. The other night I was watching West Wing, eating cashews and drinking a nice New Zealand red wine. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a furry blur. The kind that makes you wonder whether you really saw something. But, since this happened a day after […]


‘Set to Become World’s Most Powerful Woman?’

Oh Geez, with that headline, it has to be another story about Hillary Clinton, thought I. She’s always in the third world, doing Secretary of State stuff, trying to keep her husband away from soggy young female flood victims, and quietly sourcing sweatshop labor for her 2012 presidential run. Hillary has power, right? Then I […]