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On Woody the Stick Horse, Black Bart and Being a Young Cowboy in Norman, OK

Whoa, big felluh. It took every ounce of strength I had as a three-year-old to control Woody. He may not look like a massive steed in the photo above but, trust me, he was the greatest stickhorse who ever lived. Strong. Fast. Fearless. Loyal. Bulletproof.  And he could talk. In fact, what we had was […]


After 20 Years Down Under, the Moore Tornado Stirs Up My Okie DNA

The longer you live overseas, the less you feel tethered to the American mothership. This month, I’ve been overseas for 20 years, and I’ve missed so much. To put this into perspective… I was in New Zealand, half a world away from America, when: — The Murrah Building was bombed — Gulf War II was […]


Blowin’ in the wind, and missing thunder boomers

I thought it was a dog.  Or a kid. It just blasted across the road, right to left.  The car in front had to slam on its brakes to miss it. Turns out, it was a big box moving at high velocity, powered by blustery winds. It reminded me of one of the things that […]