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The Enormous Power of Cute

You get away with a lot if you are cute. I don’t say this from personal experience, even though “cute” is the highest rating I ever received on the “looks” scale. I say this in reference to the Crack Puppy. If you have followed this blog at all, you know that we own Ling Ling […]


Decreasing and Increasing

We’re walking the dogs. I’m wearing three or four layers of clothing, including the only Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt in New Zealand, and my summer straw fedora, because I don’t have a winter hat. Eli is wearing a T-shirt and shorts, which is OK, because he is 22 and bulletproof, and his legs are only slightly […]


Buying an Addictive Crack Puppy Is Way Better Than Cocaine!

We are NOT in the spending mode. Dare I say, we’re being cheapo. Which is why we have no business looking at puppies. No business whatsoever. Never mind that our house has been sooooooo quiet since Cassie had to be put down months ago. And since No. 1 son Eli, 22, went off to college […]