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Lady Gaga 7-day Scandal Forecast – Doing Everything Slutty Everywhere

Hyperbolic megastar Lady Gaga had a lazy weekend, leading at Lollapalooza, pipping Usain Bolt at the tape in Stockholm, holing out ahead of Tiger at Bridgestone, saving mankind by repelling the solar tsunami and hatching baby owlettes live at the Owl Box. “I so wanted to sunbathe with Michelle Obama in Spain and expose my […]


Oprah and Fergie’s Phone Tap Scandal

(May 2010) Oprah: Sarah dear, what on earth were you thinking? Fergie: Stand in line, Oprah. Go ahead and beat me up. I’ve been bagged by every journalist in the UK. Oprah: And shagged by every sailor in Wales! Fergie: Well, it takes a tart to know a tart… So what am I going to […]