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Top 10 Whac-A-Moles 2010 – PLUS 2011 WINNER!

I know, it’s really hard. Impossible even. Considering the year we’ve just had, how to narrow the field down to 10? Ten people who truly deserve to be Whac-A-Moled. With the giant mallet used by Thorgrim in Arnold’s first Conan movie. So from 10th (absolutely deserves to be Whac-A-Moled) to 1st (who should whacked, tarred […]


10 reasons why America has turned the corner. While riding a Segway. Aimed at a cliff.

1. Sarah Palin has writed a book. 2. George Bush has ridden hiz owen book. 3. There is speculation that Sarah Palin or George Bush may actually RID a book. 4. The Texas Rangers won their division. In baseball. The Rangers. 5. American teenagers, e.g. tomorrow’s workforce, complain they can’t concentrate long enough to send […]


Old Dead Guys – Blondes Luv ‘ Em

What is it with Old Dead Guys (ODG)? Blondes just luv em. Look at CNN’s Larry King (yeah, he’s not technically dead, but still…). ODG Larry, a real looker, has been married about 900 times, and is about to get divorced again. On a good day, the 76-year-old looks like a dead prune in suspenders. […]