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Ditka or Die — All Blacks Rugby Comes to Chicago

Ya’ll ready for this? The legendary New Zealand All Blacks take on (hah!) the USA Eagles on Saturday at Soldier Field. We are sure that Mike Ditka is turning over in his grave, whether he is dead or not, because rugby is just not ‘Merican. Still, there are some things to like about the sport, […]


10 Things You Really Should Know About New Zealand

1. They say “poo” instead of “poop” here, and “Zed” instead of the letter Z (which, deep down, probably explains a lot.) 2. New Zealand is NOT part of Australia. In fact, New Zealand is to Australia what Canada is to America, what Texas is to Oklahoma, what Dr Pepper is to Coke. Confusing the […]


Finally, New Zealand’s (Rugby) Cup Runneth Over!

It’s amazing what one point can do. Approximately 18 hours ago, the mighty New Zealand All Blacks — who have the highest winning percentage of any professional team in any sport, but a long history of stumbling at the last hurdle — beat the totally schizophrenic French, 8-7. That single point won us the Rugby […]