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Finally, New Zealand’s (Rugby) Cup Runneth Over!

It’s amazing what one point can do. Approximately 18 hours ago, the mighty New Zealand All Blacks — who have the highest winning percentage of any professional team in any sport, but a long history of stumbling at the last hurdle — beat the totally schizophrenic French, 8-7. That single point won us the Rugby […]


10 Tips for Rugby World Cup Visitors to New Zealand

1. Just to be clear. If our All Blacks don’t win the Cup this time, all 4.5 million of us kiwis will commit suicide. Do you really want that on your conscience? 2. We hope you enjoy our brilliant new rugby and entertainment facilities. They’re beaut. 3. Since you last visited NZ in 1987, when […]


New Zealand’s 10 key points for White House Visit

NZ Prime Minister John Key to President Obama and all Americans: 1. For the 10,000th time we are NOT part of Australia. 2. Our penguin is fine, and we’re thrilled you Americans love him. (Sorry about the poll, Mr. President). 3. NZers are NOT racists. Our rugby team is called the All Blacks because of […]