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My Grampa’s Hat

I love fedoras, probably because my Grandpa wore one, and he looked pretty cool in it. Not “Clark Gable” kind of cool.  Just “I am an old guy, and I know that, deep down, you think I look cool in this hat.”


Tennessee Walkers and My Sister the Horse Whisperer

It’s been half a century, now, but I still remember that enormous Tennessee Walking Horse. We were at my Aunt Mackie’s house on West 24th, back when that was wayyyyyy out of Norman. I was maybe four or five, and probably about three feet tall. The Tennessee Walker was the biggest thing I had ever […]


Square Hands DNA, But My Okie Pride Was Awhile in Coming

It’s always been cool to be “Sooner born and Sooner bred”, at least on the football field. (Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Selmon). But as for being from Oklahoma, well, that was a different story.  I left Oklahoma when I was 20. And except for occasional short visits, I stayed gone, long gone — Texas, […]