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August in Oklahoma? Time for Murderous Two-a-Days

Other than war, there is nothing more traumatic, more hellish, than Two-A-Day football practices. Especially if they were in Oklahoma, under the brutal, scorching, relentless August heat, circa 1972-1974. I had not thought of Harve Collins in a million years. But when we drove by there recently on my ‘Merican vacation, memories came flooding back. […]


Nothing is as ‘Murican as Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Coaching Little League Football in Singapore

    The hand that rocks the cradle may rule the world, but football coaches are kings, in Oklahoma or Singapore. I was still jet-lagged in 1982, when my buddy dragged me straight from Changi Airport to the Singapore American School’s football field. Even though an oilfield company had spent $250,000 sodding the field, the […]


10 Boomer Sooner Childhood Memories

As the Sooners get ready to tear it up, I thought I’d go down Memory Lane for a bit and come up with 10 Boomer Sooner Memories. 1. My Cleveland Cougars won the Norman City Championship when I was in sixth grade, which was pretty awesome. But that was nowhere near as cool as playing […]