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Murderous Two-a-Days

Other than war, there is nothing more traumatic, more hellish for a guy, than Two-A-Day football practices. Especially in Oklahoma’s brutal August heat, like when I played at Norman High School from 1971-1973. Back then as a tiny Tiger, my two-a-day breakfast consisted of a big glass of Gatorade, a piece of dry toast, and […]


It’s What You Do

(Hognote: make sure you read to the bottom.) Of all the things that I cannot believe — starting with how it’s possible to send this blog around the world using electricity — the thing I cannot believe the most is that I will attend my 40th high school reunion in two weeks. That means it’s been four decades since […]


‘Boomer Sooner!’ Totally stupid unless you bleed red

Boomer Sooner! Yep, it sounds totally stupid, unless you are an Oklahoma University football fan and bleed red. And the fight song? The one that says “Boomer Sooner” about eleventy gillion times? Totally stupid. Unless you are, and I quote, “Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die I’ll be Sooner dead.” In which […]