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Obnoxious = NHS Grandstand Boozers & Alvan’s Army

I was not much of a joiner at Norman High School. I played football, and that was about it. But I was a proud member of two organisations that will go down in infamy: the Grandstand Boozers and Alvan’s Army. Both involved massive amounts of basketball, testosterone and adult beverages. Not necessarily in that order.


The 15 Minute Blog — Remembering The Terrible Twins of Norman Football

So, we need to be somewhere and have just 15 minutes to write and post a blog. That is the challenge. We are not sure what the topic should be. Possibly jihadist terrorism. Or ducks. Or Bruce Springsteen. Or the Terrible Twosome. Yes, we will write about the Terrible Twosome, my childhood best friend Steve Madden, […]