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The 15 Minute Blog — Remembering The Terrible Twins of Norman Football

So, we need to be somewhere and have just 15 minutes to write and post a blog. That is the challenge. We are not sure what the topic should be. Possibly jihadist terrorism. Or ducks. Or Bruce Springsteen. Or the Terrible Twosome. Yes, we will write about the Terrible Twosome, my childhood best friend Steve Madden, […]


10 OkieBoomer Memories: Dip-Tops to Sonic Giraffes

In no particular order… 1. Dip-Tops — Back in 1964, the Tastee-Freeze at Main and Berry Road had some kind of magic that allowed them to violate all known laws of physics. They could “draw” an ice cream cone, turn it upside down, dip it into molten chocolate, and then hand it to you, without anything […]


August in Oklahoma? Time for Murderous Two-a-Days

Other than war, there is nothing more traumatic, more hellish, than Two-A-Day football practices. Especially if they were in Oklahoma, under the brutal, scorching, relentless August heat, circa 1972-1974. I had not thought of Harve Collins in a million years. But when we drove by there recently on my ‘Merican vacation, memories came flooding back. […]