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Capt. Buttface and Waco’s Pink House

Capt. Buttface lived in a Pink House. It was owned by Mr. Finn, who was not really a slumlord per se, but close enough for Waco, Texas. The Finn House was an old, two-story wooden affair. It was near enough to the county hospital that you could always hear the sirens. And it was close […]


Pool Hustling in Austin With Capt. Buttface

If you’ve never been in Waco, Texas for an extended period, you cannot grasp the urgent need to flee. To flee the heat and humidity and cockroaches and bad newspapers and suffocating blanket of failure. To just get in the car and drive. And in 1982, that meant we: 1) Put $10 of gas in […]


Capt. Buttface and the Lake Waco Moon Cricket

Call me Ishmael. Put Muddy Waters on the stereo. Throw in about 900 cases of Pearl beer, Lake Waco, and the yellow Moon Cricket. And our sailing story can begin. It was the early 1980s, and I was the new $185-a-week, night-side police reporter for the Waco Tribune-Herald.