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The Day the Super-Cute Crack Puppies Turned Into Werewolf-Lion-Zombie Duck-Eaters

I swear I thought the Missus had said the doglettes did not mind the duck family that she had adopted, which have eaten my bread and shat on my driveway with abandon for a week. Wouldn’t it be cute, I thought, to get the doglettes to walk near the ducks so I could take a […]


Bodacious Bichon in 2D

Doesn’t matter if it’s an elephant or a whale. A squirrel or deer or a dog. A mouse, or an ostrich or a dung beetle. Doesn’t matter if they are real or cartoony or serious CG. If critters come on our TV while Mayo the Bodacious Bichon is on duty, you would think the Huns […]


Crack Puppy Mule Team

I now know EXACTLY what it’s like to be a mule-skinner, driving a team of 20 mean, ornery mules. Cracking the reins. Cursing. Spitting tobacco juice down your shirt. Yep, I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be a mule-skinner. At least one who has two small dogs playing the parts of 20 mean and […]