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HOG TREK — Boldly Going Where Only The Missus Has Gone Before

HOGS’ LOG HOGFLEET HOGDATE 3.11.2014 We put MissusFleet on a plane to Singapore 11 days ago. Since then, we have boldly gone where only the Missus has gone before. Our Mission will end on tomorrow night when she returns, unless we have destroyed the house, and, potentially, the universe by then, because we have a […]


We Will Not Stand for ‘Man Heels’!

OK, we admit it. I speak for all men in admitting that, as men of the male gender, we have done a few bad things. War, mullets and making toe lakes while standing up and peeing come to mind. Plus, 50 cent beer night, fart noises and golf. OK, maybe add large-bore paintball guns, remote […]