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Wrinkles Offer No Protection Against Crime or STDs. Ewwww.

We are pleased to report that the world’s oldest woman (no, not Joan Rivers) has just turned 130 in the Soviet Republic of Georgia. But we feel obligated to warn Antisa Khvichava that her health and longevity could be at risk because many of her fellow senior citizens are simply behaving badly. Take John “Sonny” […]


Top 10 Cures for Insomnia

1) Lie in bed and count Larry King’s ex-wives as they leap over his industrial strength hair. 2) Turn on the Glenn Beck program. On second thought, tune in this guy. Same programming. 3) Men, try to think of a single female politician that you’d like to have insomnia with, if you catch our drift, […]


Old Dead Guys – Blondes Luv ‘ Em

What is it with Old Dead Guys (ODG)? Blondes just luv em. Look at CNN’s Larry King (yeah, he’s not technically dead, but still…). ODG Larry, a real looker, has been married about 900 times, and is about to get divorced again. On a good day, the 76-year-old looks like a dead prune in suspenders. […]