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Saluting My Writing Mentors After More Than Three Decades And 200 HOGS

Woot! We’re at 200 HOGS posts and counting. So I thought I’d mark this milestone by giving props to three mentors who either… a) taught me how to write or b) contributed to my delusion that I could write … depending on your perspective. Dr. Journalism Up first, Dr. Tom Shuford. Dr. Shuford was my […]


Wilt Chamberlain and H. Ross Perot: The Long and Short of My Journalism Career

I must have interviewed a thousand people during my years in the journalism trenches. The most famous would’ve been *Wilt Chamberlain and H. Ross Perot — the long and short of my journalism career. Ahem. Fact: if you stood this blog on Perot’s shoulders, we’d almost be able to look Wilt in the eye.