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The Disconnect of Aging

A couple of days ago, there was this old guy in a hat on TV. He was one of the people randomly asked to comment on New Zealand’s incredible summer. I recognized his hat. And the voice sounded familiar. But for the life of me, I could not accept that the old guy was me.


My Birthday List

If you haven’t already put my birthday gift in the mail, great, you still have time to read this and go spend up. Big. Away you go… 1. A big water blaster. Yes, it would be useful on the deck and the house. But I’d like to have one right now to use on my […]


7 Times I Almost Changed the World; Featuring James Garner, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Dubya’s Daddy

I came close to changing the world at least seven times. 1. George Herbert Walker Bush¬†— He was running for his second term. He was dog-tired and disappointed that Americans didn’t give him props for whupping Saddam in Gulf War 1. And he was being hammered by a vibrant, young Bill Clinton. One of my […]