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HOG Tweet Wrap-up — Think “Bacon with Words”

Tweet Selection from February. Follow me and win a free *Unicorn! # Taupo is about 800 years overdue for another huge volcanic eruption. This fact will be worth worrying about for the next three days or so while I am there… # Speaking of kiwi accents… Seen thees? Stull kulls me. # My dad drank […]


Hog Tweets – Summer Edition

#The voices are telling me not to work, to stay on Twitter forever. I need another cuppa coffee. #Healthy body, healthy mind. And then you have Jack Black. #America, we are in desperate need of a hero, a man with courage and taste and overalls. I nominate… #Mitt Romney chides Obama’s Magical Misery Tour? Who […]


Hog Tweets of the Twitter Kind

Every HogsAteMySister Tweet since Joe Biden was a little black child in Nigeria longing to be a Democrat.