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Okie Pride Awhile in Coming

  It’s always been cool to be “Sooner born and Sooner bred”, at least on a football field. (Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Selmon). But as for being from Oklahoma, well, that was a different story. I left Oklahoma as soon as I could. I was 20, I think, when I crossed the Red River […]


Boo-hoo Baby Boo (e.g. How to Make Eddie’s Annoying Little Sister Cry)

Boo-hoo Baby Boo got stuck in the goo and turned blue. My neighbor Eddie and I must have said that rhyme 10 million times while walking round and round the huge tractor tire in his backyard. The tire was filled with sand and “officially” his baby sister, Connie’s, sandbox. But we owned it. We walked […]