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My Ginormous First Grade Crush on Mrs. Hardy

I must have sweat blood while writing the above letter to Santa, back in 1962, when I was six years old. I was using one of those pencils that was about the size of a baseball bat, and taking great care to only go up to the dotted line with the lower-case letters. My incredible […]


Stubbed Toes and Mercurochrome

I’m not sure how I still have big toes after growing up barefoot in Oklahoma. But I looked down yesterday, and there they were, two normal big toes. I can only attribute this miracle to gallons and gallons of Mercurochrome. Every summer day in the sixties that I can remember was spent running like Banshees, […]


Foreman Scotty Owned After-School TV

(Editor’s Note: Part One of a two-part series). Growing up in Oklahoma in the sixties, Foreman Scotty was a huge part of our weekday afternoons. If you were lucky, you got to be in the studio audience when the show was broadcast. And if you were really lucky, and it was your birthday, you got […]