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My Ginormous Crush on Mrs. Hardy

I bet I sweat blood while writing this letter to Santa, back in 1962, when I was six years old. Holding one of those pencils that felt about as big as a baseball bat. Taking enormous care to only go up to the dotted line with the lower case letters. Most amazing is that I signed […]


Stubbed Toes and Mercurochrome

  I’m not sure how I still have big toes after growing up barefoot in Oklahoma. But I looked down yesterday, and there they were, two normal big toes. I can only attribute this miracle to gallons and gallons of Mercurochrome.


Foreman Scotty & Xavier T. Willard — Okie Boomers Remember You!

(Editor’s Note: Part One of a two-part series). If you were a Baby Boomer growing up in Oklahoma in the 50s and 60s, Foreman Scotty was a big part of your afternoon. If you were lucky, you got to be in the studio audience when the show broadcast live every day. And if you were […]