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Bold New HOGS Survey Seeks Your Opinions

The following brief survey will help end world hunger and, more importantly, remove Kim Kardashian from our lives. Please click here to take this survey, conducted by SurveyMonkey. And if you are a skeptical type who does not believe it really is a survey, I like you a lot. So I have added the actual […]



Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the Dallas Cowboys. Sigh. The highlight of my week was reading an old Tom Clancy book, Clear and Present Danger, and learning what Charlie Foxtrot means in military slang. Because that about sums things up, here lately. Another highlight was that the thieves who did the Halloween smash-and-grab on […]


Scattershooting while thinking about Jerruh Bowl XLV

I’m jet-lagged after spending at least 900 hours watching the Super Bowl yesterday. When I first moved to New Zealand in 1993, I remember taking a wee nap at the start of an All Blacks’ rugby match. Yes, that’s a capital offense in NZ, but I was new. Anyway, when I woke up, the game […]