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Mighty Kasey Has Ducked Out

(Hogs note: Just to bring you up to date, the Missus is still ‘rearing’ all sorts of wild ducks in the back yard, a.k.a. Duck Med.  And a few days ago we adopted a wee 18-month-old pup, Kasey, from German Shepherd Dog Rescue.  Yup.) DUCKDATE… October 2 Kasey is just doing “stay” so well on […]


Eye Boogers & the Crack Puppy

  Aside from several members of the immediate family, there is nothing on Earth that the GM Finance loves more than the *Crack Puppy. This explains why Ling Ling III has been given a trendy green sweater. Why she gets chicken treats, and yam treats, and rawhide sticks. Plus Grade-A chicken, cooked tenderly and with […]


Crack Puppy Walkies

“It’s a nice day. Why don’t you get some exercise and go walk the dogs. Take Ling Ling, too,” says the GM of Finance. Ugh. Walking the 100-pound semi-deaf, going-blind Moosedawg by himself is easy enough. Sure, for the first 100 yards or so he tries to drag me. But over the last 13 years, […]