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The 15 Minute Blog — Remembering The Terrible Twins of Norman Football

So, we need to be somewhere and have just 15 minutes to write and post a blog. That is the challenge. We are not sure what the topic should be. Possibly jihadist terrorism. Or ducks. Or Bruce Springsteen. Or the Terrible Twosome. Yes, we will write about the Terrible Twosome, my childhood best friend Steve Madden, […]


R.I.P. Harmon Killebrew and Thanks for the Bat

Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew, 74, has passed away. I never was much of a baseball fan, and I don’t remember much about Harmon. But his name was on my grade school era baseball bat. And you don’t forget important things like that. Every time I was up, I’d look at the bats leaning against […]