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‘Lent’ Me Your Ears

Our record for Lent is pretty spotty over the last couple of decades because we have made some very, very bad decisions. There was the year that we gave up sex for Lent.  If our memory is correct, that’s the year that we killed 900 people and got divorced. So overall, not so good. That […]


Humor During Lent? It’s Allowed. We promise.

(Reprinted, again, because I wanna.) In New Zealand, we’ve already begun Lent — 40 days of prayer, fasting and penance leading up to Easter. Since this is (mainly) a humor blog, I will begin my Lent by republishing a favorite about two great priests who were incredibly funny in very different ways. Archimandrite Stephen was […]


Lenten Plagiarism

It’s still Lent. Unable to think up anything funny at the moment, I’ve decided to steal brilliance … from two saints, my favorite Catholic writer G.K., a chap named Einstein, and a mate. Shut up.