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‘Free’ Get-Fit Classes Carry High Cost — Oomph

Why include background when you can link? So, anyway, Les Mills is offering a free three-week trial, and I figure I can get the job done in 10 days, max. Not that it should be necessary to do additional work to get ripped. Getting in and out of your La-Z-Boy recliner, opening and closing the […]


Christmas Torch, er, Antlers, Passed to a New Generation of Dawgs

The Christmas torch, well, I mean antlers, was passed to a new generation last night as we decorated our Christmas tree. This is almost certainly the last Christmas for the 13-year-old, almost deaf and nearly blind Moosedawg, so it had to happen. Every year for as long as I can remember, part of my son […]


Why Women Could Never be Dave Barry, Me, or *Uranus

So Dave Barry and I are soaking our stiff necks in the bathtub this morning, and we think of 10 reasons why women could never be men. Starting with necks. (We get to *Uranus later). 1. At the first sign of neck stiffness, women would call all their friends, analyze the problem, share the names […]