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An Attitude of Gratitude at Christmas

We are sitting here wearing our NHS 30th Anniversary t-shirt and our once-were-nice-until-we-got-yard-chemicals-on-them camo shorts, while drinking a $9 bottle of Heineken. This means that: we have totally down-tooled for Christmas; we are as per always waiting for the Missus at the mall; and we’re getting gouged by this flashy new restaurant. We have two […]


Through My Mom’s Eyes (Part Two)

(If you have not read Part One of this, you might like to go here first.)   After hours at the mall, I just wanted to collapse in my recliner and watch TV. But Mayo looked depressed. His parents just left for East Timor on mission work, so he and the Crack Puppy will be […]


Post Holiday Scattershooting on OU, Gratitude & Middle Age Bionics

Scattershooting while wondering whether it is now a State Law in Oklahoma that the Sooners are not allowed to play defense. I remember when a trip into town used to be fun stuff. Today I picked up my artificial arm from one repair place and had some work done on my hearing aids at another. […]