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Thy Blog Be Done

  Many 12-step programs tell you to “Let Go and Let God”. But, as my big sister often reminds me, even when we do so, we frequently freak out and claw stuff right back. Case in point… I recently took a deep breath, said some prayers, and moved the HOGS Blog to a cheaper New Zealand […]


The Big Lady With Purple Hair

Yesterday, I was shopping in our version of Walmart when I saw her. The first thing I noticed was her short, purple hair. Then the “circus tent” dress, her 350-pound bulk, and the painfully swollen feet that were somehow stuffed into brightly colored Crocs. I thought to myself, “I bet Mom would have loved this lady.”


Through My Mom’s Eyes (Part Two)

(If you have not read Part One of this, you might like to go here first.)   After hours at the mall, I just wanted to collapse in my recliner and watch TV. But Mayo looked depressed. His parents just left for East Timor on mission work, so he and the Crack Puppy will be […]