Simon Cowell Sorts Out North Korea, Obama

In New Zealand, our episodes are behind the US schedules. Last night we got the first of the girls’ top-12 shows.

For the thousandth time, I was thinking thinking that Simon Cowell gets it, says it, and sorts it. His annoying black skin-tight shirts aside, the guy suffers no BS or fools.

Made me think how great it would be if he was Speaker of the House. Better, if he actually ran the country and had ultimate power – picture Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew. I can hear President Powell…

To Nancy Pelossi: “If I’m being honest, I couldn’t listen to what you were saying because I kept wondering if you would ever blink. Song choice is more important than face lifts.”

To President Obama: “I found it a bit indulgent. ‘Yes we can’ may be a terrific campaign song, but, really, it’s mindless toss. And you’re far too skinny for an important black man. How can we take you seriously for the long run?”

To Iran and North Korea: “Let’s get real. You have nukes. You are insane. You need to be stopped. You are going home.”

It would work, eh?

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