Shocking photo of Oksana Testifying Against Mel

Photo: Oksana, without makeup, gives secret testimony

This exclusive surveillance photo, at left, was secretly snapped earlier today in court when Oksana Grigorieva provided shocking testimony against former lover, Mel Gibson.

Her explosively, and pungent, evidence had previously been leaked – in high definition video and surround sound – to CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, Al Jazeera, Oprah Winfrey and Perez Hilton. (Note: the leaked evidence had earlier been rejected by scandal monger Geraldo Rivera, who said: “This is so low, so disgusting that even I cannot go there, and that’s saying something.”)

However, Oksana’s legal spokeswoman told TMZ, “Mr. Gibson persists in attempting to ‘litigate’ this matter in the media, and continues to launch false accusations against the mother of his child.

“Unlike Mr. Gibson, Ms. Grigorieva has not, and will not engage in this type of undignified banter in the press,” she added, as the pong of her client’s yellowish testimony drifted over the media conference.

3 Responses to “Shocking photo of Oksana Testifying Against Mel”

  1. NZMoores says:

    Neener, neener, neener.

    I so do not!

    I have issues with Mel…

    And link-building while under the influence of adult beverages…

  2. kris says:

    You have to imagine the following words in a taunting sing-songy playground voice . . .

    Someone has issues with women!
    Someone has issues with women!

    Just saying.

  3. Mel's Homeboy says:

    Man, her makeup artist should get big money if this what she looks like in the raw!!! Oksana, you spew!

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