Scattershooting While Wondering About Phenobarb, Magic Johnson and Jerry Lee Lewis…

Scattershooting while wondering about the Killer…

Yep, Jerry Lee Lewis done went and did it again.

And of course a cousin was involved, well sort of.

Jerry Lee recently tied the knot for the seventh time, this time to the former Judith Brown.

According to an MSN story “this is where it gets complicated.”

Seems that Judith has been the Killer’s “care giver” for two years. She was previously married to Jerry Lee’s cousin, Rusty Brown, who is the BROTHER of Myra Gale Brown.

Myra Gale is the 13-year-old cousin who bad boy Jerry Lee married in 1957, and divorced 13 years and two kids later.

But that’s all in the past. We are quite certain that Jerry Lee’s latest marriage is forever. You can just see the love in this photo.

Back to Scattershooting….

* We could not believe it when we read that gas was approaching $4 a gallon in the US of A. This Okie Down Under wondered how our poor brethren could survive. Then we wondered how New Zealand’s “petrol” prices compared. We still don’t know, because you’d have to figure out how many liters are in a gallon, then convert greenbacks to kiwi dollars, which is all way too hard for a journalism major. It does seem, however, that we are paying WAY more than youse guys, which hardly seems fair.

* Last night was devoted to getting even more paranoid as we drove down Memory Lane via the internets. We went to and plugged in some of our old addresses. All our old houses in the USA still look good. And the 2,200-sq-foot house we bought new in NW Houston in 1990 for $90,000 is still gorgeous. It was also nice to see that the childhood and grand-parental haciendas were still standing and looking good. But even so. The fact that anyone, anywhere, anytime can look up this stuff instantly totally creeps me out. 1984 was more than a year, interpeople. We really need to unplug the internets. Right now, while we still have freedom!!! But wait until I finish this important blog post…

* Seems that Crack Puppies are made of sturdier stuff than you might think, thankfully. Since being on the anti-shaking meds (phenobarb), the Crack Puppy has become way more subdued (read: “like a wino”). Anyway, when junior arrived unannounced late one night recently, wearing a hat, the Crack Puppy was standing between the front door and the stairs to the basement. When Junior came out of the dark and greeted her by going “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”, the Crack Puppy stepped backwards and kerplunked down 10 wooden steps. Being all relaxed-like on the prescription meds seemed to help her deal with the trauma. Wish I’d know about phenobarb when I was working for PR agencies. Ahem. As to the all growed-up boy child who could have killed the Crack Puppy? There are times when I want to climb a ladder and thump him.

* I’ve always thought that Magic Johnson was one of the NBA’s all-time greats and a pretty switched on businessman. But $2.15 BILLION for the L.A. Dodgers? A team that, last time I checked, had never even made the NBA quarterfinals, and who have not been to the World Series since 1988, the same year Rihanna was born — a bad year all around. You have to ask yourself if phenobarb and a bad fall down the wooden staircase were involved in this magical sale. But what’s worse is that, if this record sales price sets the market for sports franchises, it could mean that my Dallas Cowboys are worth maybe $5 billion. This would mean that Jerry Egg Head Jones keeps getting richer and richer as my Cowboys suck worser and worser. Pass me the phenobarb, thanks. Leave the bottle.

* Even though we used to spend a lot of time around dead bodies and general grossness in Waco, and we are painfully aware that the world is a very sick puppy, we were well and truly disgusted to read about the second season of Game of Thrones. America in decline? As they say, “it is what it is.” And as I say, “Ack. Ack. Ack.”

* Back to Jerry Lee… In 1981 or so, when I interviewed him at the Cowboy Club in Mexia, Texas, right after he almost died from a stomach explosion, if you’d asked me whether he’d still be above ground in 2012, I would’ve said “no way, Jose.” But I would not have been surprised to hear that, if he were alive, he’d be marrying ol’ Rusty Brown’s sister Myra. No, that would have made a whole lotta sense.


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  1. Vesta Vayne says:

    Wait, what’s wrong with Game of Thrones?

    Must look into Phenobarb, but not for me, of course. Ahem.

  2. J-P says:

    Scattershooting seems to be the same as valve clicking at the bowling alley. Remember that conversation????


    • hams says:

      J-P, that would be “valve-clacking”. “Valve clicking” is a very bad heart condition. Yep, I remember the days. I was a lot taller and had way more hair back then. At least that’s how I remember it… . And I want to smack Jerry Jones with a wet fish.

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