OK, I lied…

Well, not so much lied as was exasperated when I wrote Where is the funny?


If you have not gone to Hyperbole and a half, go there NOW! Start with World’s Best Relationship Tips. Or the dinosaur goose.

Really, go there now.

Then you can say you knew Allie when she was dead, well not dead, exactly, but dead funny. No other writer/artist/insane person in her 20s can appeal to the masses who matter. She will be famous or committed real soon.

If you aren’t so much a city folk, and appreciate F-bombs and hysterically tough middle-age mothers, Pretty All True will kill you. Start with the Sucker Dog. Har.

And share any funny sites in comments! Life is too short to read bad humor.


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2 Responses to “OK, I lied…”

  1. NZMoores says:

    Ahoy Kris,

    "Universal" is so limiting. You should set your goals higher. Go for popularity in INFINITY. With some "omnipity" on the side.
    44? Is that all. I got socks older that you… Har. Even though you are from Michigan, I hereby make you an honorary Okie. Feel free to remove the wheels on your car and put it up on blocks in front of your double wide…


  2. kris says:

    Hey, you! Thanks for the mention! And to be the only other person mentioned with Miss Allie Brosh? You know I love her.

    When she is institutionalized, it will be all me, all the time! YAY!

    And just for the record? I have never lived in the South. Just the special hell that was the west side of Michigan.

    As for the "older" snarkiness? While I am 44, I have found that my appeal and my humor?

    They are universal.

    Deal with it.

    [email protected]

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