Obama, Oprah and Mandela on the Line

President: Get me ‘O’ on the phone.

White House Operator: Obama?

President: I’M Obama. Get me the other ‘O’ – Oprah.

White House Operator: Oh.


O: Hello Barack, you been kicking anyone’s ass this morning?

President: Very funny. You should be on television. Look, I need to get media off the BP thing. Any ideas?

O: Invite Princess Fergie to the White House. Get her all likkered up. Give her a briefcase full of cash. That ought to do it.

President: This is not very productive.

O: Rush Limbaugh would say that about your first year in office. What about soccer? Go to South Africa and meet with Mandela.

President: I like that. We can do live remotes to your show, right?

O: Sure. Just get Mandela. Or Justin Bieber. Or Fergie.

President. I can get Mandela. Not sure about Bieber. Can’t afford Fergie.

O: Ha. You should be on television. Chow.


President: Get me M.

White House Operator: Michelle?

President: Mandela.

White House Operator: Putting you through now.

Mandela: Hello Oprah dear. How are you doing?

President: It’s Barack.

Mandela: silence

President: The other ‘O’… President Obama.

Mandela: Of course. Barack, my boy, how are you?

President: In need of some good PR. Can we meet at the World Cup?

Mandela: No, I’m too busy meeting with Justin Bieber and Fergie.

President: silence

Mandela: Got ya! ‘O’ texted me before you called. She sends her love. Ha.

President: You should be on television.

Mandela: You, too. And judging by your approval ratings, you’ll have your own show in 2012…



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