Move Over Jackie Chan: Eli Moore is Totally Kung Fu

You know those Dads who are always taking photos and videos of their kids?

During their musical gigs?

And, especially, when they go all Kung Fu in a musical?

Because, one day, when they are famous, the Oscar and Grammy archivists will NEED all that wonderful footage from “the early years”?

Yep, that proud Dad would be me.

Deal with it.

And so we present numerous blurred photos from “How She Flew to the Moon”, directed by Jun Bin Lee.

Jackie Chan, eat your heart out.

Eurasian Kung Fu man is awesome.

Magic Arrows.

Kung Fu Wedding Proposal.

The hero dies. But wait…


Lantern Festival Romance.


Curtain Call!


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  1. Kris says:

    Just . . . awesomeness.


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