Monster Snow Lizard hits Oklahoma

If WKRP was broadcasting live from Oklahoma, Les Nessman would be providing up-to-the-minute weather coverage about the Monster Lizard set to destroy the Sooner State.

But since Les is unavailable, tough and resolute Oklahoma women are battling the storm using the frontier wisdom (and adult beverages) handed down by their ancestors.

Meanwhile, around the globe, menfolk are behaving like menfolk always behave when it snows.

And since a three-paragraph blog post is a bit light even for a snow day we shall pad with…

Other snow related videos worthy of watching while snowed in and drinking peppermint schnapps:

Uber Reindog and snowplow Bailey

— totally sexist and gratuitously offensive The Sun girly bikini snow video

— what should happen to ALL Nimrod TV Journalists

— and ending back where we began, at the mighty KRP, where the good doctor fights to survive the winter cold.

Stay warm, dear readers. And drink up.


2 Responses to “Monster Snow Lizard hits Oklahoma”

  1. Johnny Fever says:


    I sort of remember Les’ Lizard. And Jennifer. But who’s the reindog? Cool.

    The Good Dr Fever

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