Moms Made it Better


Okie Moms knew how to make it better.

Bad tummy?

Dry toast and flat 7 Up if you were puking.  Chicken noodle soup with Saltine crackers if not.


A cool, wet washrag draped over your forehead.  An aspirin hidden in a spoonful of grape jelly.  And a mug of honey & lemon juice in hot water.

Monkey’s Blood

Stubbed toe or other pavement-related wounds?

Magical and painless Mercurochrome (Monkey’s Blood) if the wound wasn’t too bad, but the hideous, stinging Merthiolate if it was.

Suffer a baseball or elbow to the eyeball?  On the couch, curtains drawn, eyeball covered with a huge bag of frozen pees, and the huge Zenith console TV  tuned to Foreman Scotty.

Flu or general chest gunk (always my Achilles heel)?

Chicken noodle soup down the gullet.  Vicks VapoRub applied to the chest, under the nose, and a scoop dropped into the old, brown vaporizer, which ran 24/7.  Plus some hideous cough medicine that was so child-abusingly awful that I have blocked its name from my memory.


That required a trip to Dr. Patton’s office and a penicillin shot from a wonderful nurse named Martha.  Even though the needle on her syringe looked like it was used to air up basketballs, she could administer it without making you cry.  And she had the best smile, ever.

Assorted sprains?

Magical Mom neck massages with VapoRub, an electric heating pad,  banana pudding, and TWO comic books from Mr. Uhles’ store.  And a kiss on the forehead from Mom.

How could you not get better?


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