Ka-ching Tiger the Cheetah

The crowd at Augusta has old-money tact, so no-one will be screaming “Just do it, Cheetah, er… Tiger.”

Or re-telling Tiger jokes (… Did you hear that Phil Mickelson called Erin Nordegren to ask for tips about beating Tiger…)

They’ll be watching the greatest golfer of all time, along with a TV audience that will be in the BILLIONS – possibly the biggest audience of all times.

If at the end of the Masters tourney Tiger has not throttled anyone or shot in the 90s, and if it’s true that his wife is living under the same roof, the value of Brand Tiger will be exponentially MORE than it was B.H. (before the ho’s).

Americans love a fallen, wounded, recovering hero. Especially if he’s the best.

Men will still love Tiger’s game and will buy whatever he endorses. Probably few women will hate Tiger for what he’s done, especially if he is sincere about trying to stay out of the rough, so to speak.

That means the sound of cash registers ringing will be echoing down the fairways at Augusta.

But if he falls again…

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