Join the Army and See the World… or Buy a Cute Little Camper Van in New Zealand!


*What could possibly go wrong?

The Missus and I need a big house so we both can have our own space.

And in the land of semi-retirement, you watch your money pretty closely.

So, of course, we just bought a little camper van.

In our defense, it’s not really a camper van.

Certainly not like the big one that two families squished into 20 years ago to tour all of New Zealand.

That one had eight berths and a stove and fridge and pooper and shower.

That kind if serious camper van now rents for about $400 per day.

Which poses a dilemma.

How do you go about seeing the most beautiful country in the world without going bankrupt?

The answer came last week from above, or at least the internet, when I spotted the cutest little pop-up camper van you ever did see.

A Mazda Bongo Friendee.

How could that not be a thing of happy destiny?

So, the Missus and I logically and throughly reviewed the opportunity in front of us and decided:

  • the Bongo is soooooo cuuuuuuuute
  • it will sleep four adults and any number of Crack Puppies (so it’s future-proofed)
  • it was cheap AND the previous owner had spent big monies getting stuff fixed before moving to Australia
  • and, here is the clincher, the Bongo can be our camper van and the Missus’ official back-up car, for emergency shopping .

So we bought it. What could possible go wrong?


* Internet photo of random Bongo. We don’t have the tent. Yet.

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