Hubba Hubba — The Eyes Have It


eyes this one

You would not think a new pair of glasses would be that big a deal.

But you would be wrong.

I allowed the Chinese Fashionista Missus to choose my new specs, and she boldy went where I had never gone before.

Big, round and tortoise.

Comments on my Facebook page include:


“Great look.”





“Very distinguished.”

And my favorite of all…

“Hubba, hubba.”

Now, I am aware that you have to allow for a certain amount of Facebook hyperbole.

And one of the comments, “dashing”, came after, “you ARE totally… well totally… HaHaHa… dashing.”

But that is from a woman with artificial knees and purple glasses, so what can you expect?

The “Hubba, hubba” comment is the one I want to “focus” on here, in this blog about “eyeware”.

It came from an attractive woman with an actual pulse, who also happens to be, and we are not making this up,  a photographer.

There’s more                                 

We also have actual field research that proves indisputably that these specs have upped my testosterone (i.e. “Hubba, hubba”) levels significantly.

Today, when I was walking down the street in upmarket Ponsonby, I received, two, count them, two “actual looks” from females of the lady persuasion, and one actual “smile”.

While this is conjecture on my part, I am pretty confident the thought underlying the lady smile was: “Hubba, hubba.”

Before you nay-sayers named Todd point out that Ponsonby is the upmarket and GAY part of town, I need to stress that all off the above looks and the smile came from females.

At least I think they did.

Although, on further review, the “Hubba, hubba” lady did have large hands and a pronounced Adam’s Apple.

Never mind.  It still counts.

The takeaway is that cool new specs affect the person looking out, and the people looking in.

We can conclude from our totally scientific Facebook and Ponsonby research, shut up Todd, is that the new specs are a major improvement.

Even the Fashionista Missus says so.

“They make you look less angry and serious.”

OK, that does not rate up there with “Hubba, hubba”, but what do you expect after 28 years of marriage?

But, alas, all is not roses in the land of new specs.

This “tsunami” of compliments has raised questions in some quarters about whether I still have what it takes to lead Curmudgeons R Us.

I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure the membership that, while I may be “very handsome and stylish” — an actual comment that I left out previously because it’s from a guy in Hawaii, ahem — I most certainly remain steadfastly curmudgeon.

Albeit one with enhanced “Hubba, hubba”.


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