Grandma Moew’s Magic Table

Isn’t it funny how a single thought can bring back a flood of memories?

My maternal grandmother, who we called Moew, had a tiny little table in her kitchen.  An old black rotary phone sat on it.  The drawers contained pencil stubs, an old spiral notebook, and a small, rubber tractor.

It looked something like this:

swing out drawer

Maybe Gran, who died before I was born, had hand-made the table, but I am not sure about that.

I can remember, when I was really, really little, sitting on the floor in the kitchen while Moew and Mom cooked, playing with that table.  It was magic, really.

Unlike the above photo, Moew’s magic table had two drawers that swung way out.

I would swing them open and closed, open and closed, sometimes with my eye pressed up against the crack, trying to see the magic that let them pivot out so wide, and then disappear back into the table.

I never could figure out how they worked, which is probably why I never lost interest in that table.

Even in my late 20’s, when I was home for a visit from Singapore, I played with the drawers while calling up old friends, using Moew’s ancient, black rotary phone.

When I swung open the magic doors, they unleashed the same strong, musty scent.

I’m not sure if the smell was caused by the old wood or the the contents — the same ancient pencil stubs, notebook and my favorite rubber tractor.

Or maybe it was just musty, since Moew and I were the only ones who ever opened the drawers — Moew looking for phone numbers, me looking for the magic.



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