Fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy Nap Time

I may be slightly run down from the week’s horking (see post below).

Or the Lemsip might have been spiked.

But I think the reason I had an all-timer nap this afternoon was because of the wet Crack Puppies.

The GM Finance ran both of them through the dishwasher today.

Then she blow-dried them.

Or blew-dried them.

If you are a grammaritran.

After they raced insanely about the house, skidding everywhere on wet feets, they leaped onto me.

At that moment, I was in my recliner, covered with a quilt, and failing miserably to work up a good nap.

But when the Crack Puppies tag-teamed me and pinned me down?


I was down down for the count.

Somehow, the moistness in their furry little bodies passed into me.

And my body heat was sucked into them.

The combination of the two put me into a deep, induced coma for about two hours.

Which was absolutely what my run-down body needed.

So, listen up.

If you are about to have a heart transplant or something, and you need to be in an induced coma?

Do NOT let the doctors stab you with one of those big damn needles.

Just borrow a couple of wet Crack Puppies and a quilt.

When you wake up?

The doglettes will be all dry.

And you will have a new heart.

Win. Win.

You’re welcome.

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