Foreman Scotty & Xavier T. Willard — Okie Boomers Remember You!

(Editor’s Note: Part One of a two-part series).

The Original “Ticket to Ride” … on Woody!

If you were growing up in Oklahoma in the Fifties and Sixties, Foreman Scotty was a big part of your weekday afternoons.

If you were lucky, you got to be in the studio audience when the show was broadcast.

And if you were REALLY lucky, and it was your birthday, you got to watch the show while riding Woody.

I was REALLY lucky on my fifth birthday — March 15, 1961.

And let me tell you, it was a BIG DEAL!

I found my invitation (above) the other day while looking through my memorabilia.

I can still remember how thrilled I was on that special birthday when my Mom took me, my best friend Steve and my cousins all the way to “The City” so we could be on the Foreman Scotty Show live.


I also remember being embarrassed when I couldn’t reach Woody’s stirrups to mount up.

In fact, I was humiliated, at least until Foreman Scotty saved the day.

“Let me help you, pardner,” he said, as he grabbed me under the arms and swung me way up high onto Woody.

I sat right in the front, with other Birthday Boys and Girls riding behind me.

In the last 50 years, I’ve been on TV a few times, but THAT had to be the broadcasting highlight.

Xavier T. Willard

Xavier T. Willard

If you ever watched Foreman Scotty, which ran on WKY-TV from 1956 to 1971, you probably also remember his sidekick, Xavier T. Willard, a.k.a Danny Williams.

While I was Googling around for Foreman Scotty information, I found some cool stuff like

And I also struck gold with this straight-to-camera reminiscence by Danny Williams.

For 18 minutes, Danny talks about his amazing TV career, which combined a comic genius (“Willie” was really the star of the Foreman Scotty Show) with an amazing talent for being in the right place at the right time during the early days of network television.

I had forgotten about 3-D Danny (a.k.a Dan D. Dynamo, the Sputnik-era kids’ show in which Danny was an alien, complete with big shoulders and a ray gun).

I’d also forgotten that Danny had his own talk show for years, Dannysday, and that it gave co-host Mary Hart one of her big breaks before she went on to fame with Entertainment Tonight.

But you could never forget Danny’s long-running gig as the ring-side announcer for Saturday Night Wrestling, which featured the cheeziest fake professional ‘rasslers around — who my Aunt LOVED — and which always ended with Danny’s famous catch-line: “Watch Out For Flying Chairs!

Below are a few websites for Okie Boomers who want to stroll down Memory Lane (or, if they were a Big Birthday Star like me, ride down Memory Lane on Woody).


— Remember When: Foreman Scotty¬†

Foreman Scotty Show

The Blog of Foreman Scotty’s Daughter

3-D Danny episode

Danny Williams website

— Voices of Oklahoma — Danny Williams


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8 Responses to “Foreman Scotty & Xavier T. Willard — Okie Boomers Remember You!”

  1. Sharon Shoemaker says:

    I remember going to tour WKY Studio on a class trip. We got to be on the Foreman Scotty Show too as part of the tour. I put my name tag on my nose when they were looking for someone to give the “Golden Horse Shoe” to. I got it. I was thrilled! I got to go see Foreman Scotty again, on my birthday, and sat in front on Woody. That was a special day, for sure! Thank you for this site, to enjoy childhood memories.

  2. Rusty StoneZebra says:

    Didn’t Scotty do some drawing on each show? I seem to remember being very impressed at how well he could draw on that big pad. I got to be on the show when a friend had a birthday sometime in the late 50’s. Such fun!

  3. Glenda Coons says:

    I fondly remember Foreman Scotty. I remember if he found an eyelash on your cheek, he would pick it up with 2 fingers and tell you to make a wish. After you made a wish, he would open his fingers and blow the lash away. Great memories. Another great memory for me was Hoho the Clown. Do you have any info about him? Love your site!

  4. Lillian L. says:

    Woot! What a fun trip down memory lane. Being a mature 14 year old at the time, Forman Scotty didn’t impress me so much…but I remember you were soo thrilled. Thanks for smiles today.

    • hams says:

      Am I right in remembering that Steve, Jane and Janet went along on my birthday to Foreman Scotty while you stayed home and put Dippity-Poo on your gurly hair?

    • Glenda Coons says:

      I did thanks to you. My former boss and friend, Pat Turner, married Mike Birchall, Ed’s son. We all worked at OU together. Thanks to your information, I was able to find Pat on Facebook. It was a great day today. Thank you!

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