More on Foreman Scotty, Willie and the Mystery Mine

(Editor’s Note: Part Two of a two-part series)

I was asked a few questions about the previous story on the Foreman Scotty Show.  They are answered below, in addition to some amazing facts that I bet you did not know.

First, the questions:

Little J.B. asks: “Anyone remember what Willie’s Mine was called? I just remember he always got into trouble when he went in it.”

Mystery Mine

Well Little J.B., according to the internet, a source that is almost never wrong, ahem, “The Mystery Mine was on the Circle 4 Ranch.  It was always Willie and Cannonball that would wander into the mine and tragically get lost or abducted or something. Foreman Scotty would heroically rescue them, even though complicated time-travel was involved.

“There’s got to be a logical explanation for this,” Foreman Scotty would say,  as he paced back and forth, apparently stalling for time so he could think of what to say next. Apparently, Foreman Scotty, Willie and Canonball ad-libbed most of their lines. Is that great acting or what?

Karen asks:  How did you get the “Magic Lasso” to land on you?

The Magic Lasso would appear after children in the audience shouted “NIX-O-BILLY” at the top of their lungs.  Then it was bedlam.  Boys in the audience would act like complete maniacs: hoopin’ and hollerin’ and makin’ faces and totally fallin’ off Woody, trying to get the (superimposed) Magic Lasso to land on them so they would win the Golden Horseshoe.

I hate to say this, but I’m pretty sure the Magic Lasso was rigged.  It seems like it ALWAYS landed on some cute little, freckle-faced, well-behaved girl named “Karen”.  Never a rowdy boy.  This author does not hold a grudge after all these years, but the FBI or somebody should look into this.

Fun Facts!

Here are three little-known fun facts about the Foreman Scotty Show that I bet you did not know.

1) Willy’s overall-wearing buddy Cannonball was played by Wilson Hurst, not Dean Blevins, as many people believe.

foreman scotty willy and cannonball

2) Foreman Scotty’s real-life wife was “Mary Apostle”, a kindergarten teacher from Nichols Hills Elementary School (Nichols Hills is where the rich people lived). 

3) According to the Internet, The Magic Mine debuted at the 1964 State Fair. As the story goes, Foreman Scotty was entrusted with producing gold tokens to be handed out at the State Fair.  Willie somehow got involved, as old prospectors do when they smell gold, and he set up his own smelting operation.  Two different kinds of gold tokens were created. Willie’s were worth nothing, which got him into a whole lot of trouble.  Of course, Foreman Scotty bailed him out.

(I’m convinced that watching The Foreman Scotty Show after school,  weekdays at 4.30pm on WKY-TV, right throughout our childhoods, created the glue that has held our Okie-Boomer generation together.)    


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  1. I’ve never heard of Foreman Scotty, sounds very nostalgic indeed! I loved Captain Kangaroo and the Polka-dot-door.

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