Eye Boogers & the Crack Puppy


Look at those eyes!

Aside from several members of the immediate family, there is nothing on Earth that the GM Finance loves more than the *Crack Puppy.

This explains why Ling Ling III has been given a trendy green sweater.

Why she gets chicken treats, and yam treats, and rawhide sticks.

Plus Grade-A chicken, cooked tenderly and with love.
Every single day.

It’s why the GM Finance cuddles her at night, and bounces her on her knee while cooing:

“Ah Ling Ling. Ah Ling Ling. You are my baby. You are such a joy.”

“Mwah. Mwah. Mwah.”

One look at the Crack Puppy’s addictively cute face, explains it all.

I mean, c’mon, you’d have to be Charles Manson not to totally melt when Ling Ling gets all waggy and smiles at you.

Especially when you’ve been gone for a hours and, on your return, she stands at the top of the stairs and makes that deliriously happy, growly, gurgly “aaaaaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

While doing the happity, tappity, toenail dance on the wooden hall floor, saying:

I totally “get” loving this dog.

But what I don’t get is the GM Finance’s thing with eye boogers.

You see, the Crack Puppy is half Shih-Tzu/half Maltese, and she has wonderfully BIG eyes. (See totally unretouched photo above).

So she gets more than her fair share of eye boogers.

Every night, when the GM Finance is cuddling and petting and grooming her baby, Ling Ling, she thinks it’s hysterical to feed the Crack Puppy her eye boogers.


We are talking laugh-out-loud funny.

Especially when the Crack Puppy makes a sour face, like an old lady, before she horks out her eye booger or, begrudgingly, swallows it.

Maybe eye boogers are an “acquired” taste. Like oysters. They do have the same consistency.

I say this because the previous Crack Puppy, Ling Ling II, a full-blooded Shih-Tzu with eyes as big as saucers, happily ate great, big globs of eye boogers.
And they must have been healthy, because she lived a very happy, and spoiled, 13 years.

On occasion, in the interest of science, I have fed the Moosedawg his own eye boogers.

He snorked them down without missing a beat.

But, then, he has also happily eaten slugs, dog and cat poop; even the occasional road kill.

So perhaps we should not rely on the Moosedawg’s palate to confirm the desirability of eye boogers.

I will be monitoring the Crack Puppy’s EBI (Eye Booger Intake) over the coming weeks and will keep you posted.

This dog has a very strong will.

As does the GM Finance.

It will be interesting to see who wins the Battle of the Booger.


* The totally unretouched Crack Puppy, we swear, and her teddy beaver. Sooo cuuute.


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